The BB Cream Quest Continues – Rimmel 9 in 1

I am the world’s biggest beauty product sceptic, so when Rimmel told me they’d made a 9 in 1 beauty product, I had my doubts. Since it was a super cheap spend (and part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer) I decided I would just have to try it in my quest to find the perfect BB Cream (See Part 1 Here!)

Rimmel BB Cream

According to the packaging it primes, moisturises, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smoothes  mattifies, brightens and helps protect with an SPF 25. All of this seems fairly impressive for a £6.99 tube!

My first reservation was that it comes in a teeny tiny tube, but after using it for the first time this no longer bothers me as you only need a teeny tiny amount. I tried applying it with a brush, but it came out streaky and needed a warmer touch, so I switched to my fingers and the application was then flawless!

Top 10 Reasons I Love This BB Cream

1. It’s super lightweight. My skin feels soft and looks dewy, without the feeling that I’m wearing anything at all.

2. It’s quick to apply. Perfect for early mornings and on-the-go.

3. It works with your skin, enhancing it rather than covering it.

4. You can use it as a concealer, touching up when your skin needs a little lift.

5. It has a high SPF. Winter sun can still damage your skin, so it’s reassuring to have that extra protection.

6. The tube is small enough to take everywhere.

7. It doesn’t wear off as the day goes on. I’ve easily had 7 to 8 hours wear with no touch ups.

8. It’s the perfect primer. Your foundation will glide on over the top if you want more coverage.

9. You don’t need powder. I feel that powder sometimes make me look washed out in winter, but this product gave my skin a perfect matte finish.

10. The price!! Only £6.99, and I imagine this will last me quite a while.

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