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Super Easy Halloween Costumes

It’s that frightful time of year again, when we eat terrifying amounts of sweets and pretend we’re children again! Halloween has got to be one of my favourite holidays, it’s so childish, and we’ve managed to completely erase all memory of its sinister past. Once upon a time, Halloween was a time to chase away the demons, now, thanks to the influence of our friends across the pond, halloween is just one big costume party.

And who doesn’t love a costume party?

If you’re struggling for some ideas, here are some easy costumes you could throw together.

1. Wicked Witch – cover your face with Lush’s mask of magnaminty. Instant wicked witch face! And your skin will be gorgeous by the end of the night. Simply add a little black dress, hat, and broomstick. (Possibly not the best idea to wear a face mask all night, but you could use a green tinted skin tone corrector and slap it on thick.)

2. Gotye – Glamour put together this great tutorial for pulling off that famous Gotye video look… Only do this is you can handle people singing the song to you all night long!

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3. Dress up as any of the Avengers… but if you’re heading to a party straight from work, just tell everyone you’re supposed to be Pepper Potts or Tony Stark.

4. If costumes aren’t really your thing, why not just wear something cute and then show off some wicked nail art? See if you can top these amazing nails from The Nailasaurus.

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