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Still Taking Hot Showers? Stop. Your Skin will thank you!

You’re going to hate me for writing this, but in winter you’re supposed to take short and cool showers.

I know! Madness!

I too thought summer was the time for short and cool showers, like when you’re on holiday and you just need to cool off quickly before you head back to the beach. But sadly, it’s true, and your skin will thank you for following this bit of advice.

Men’s health answered this question first in their blog, and their logic is flawless. The combination of cold weather, and dry indoor heat will already be punishing your skin, so by adding hot water, soap and a wash cloth to the mix, you’ll be stripping away all of your skin’s natural defences. Ah, hello dry skin!

Once you’ve battled with every ounce of common sense, and managed to turn the temperature dial down on the shower, you’re going to need to streamline the shower experience. No more standing under scalding hot water, thawing out your body, and pondering the little mysteries of life. Like where did Lucky Charms go? And why did they even get rid of the Wispa in the first place?

Here are some top tips for keeping your shower time under 10 minutes…

1. Make sure everything you need is already in the shower and within reach, no more fumbling around in the bathroom cabinet looking for your conditioner and getting the bathroom floor soaking wet.

2. Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to cut down on hair washing time. Anything with citrus or tea tree will cut through your greasy locks and help you get squeaky clean hair, faster. Just don’t get any in your eyes. (Ow!)

3. Use a light conditioner, and only apply to the tips of your hair. But do not skimp on time spent rinsing your conditioner, we all know how yucky leftover conditioner feels. If you can stand it, turn the temperature right now to rinse your hair at the end of your shower. This will close off the hair shaft and give you extra shiny hair!

4. Consider switching to a light leave in conditioner, or a hair serum, instead of regular conditioner. This will all depend on your hair type, and the shampoo you’re using.

5. The shower pouf/ wash cloth/ plain old soap/ no soap is a long standing debate. If you change your shower pouf regularly, I can see no problem with using one to get clean quickly.

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Happy Showering!

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  1. wartica - November 6, 2012

    I wish I could take hot ones but my skin gets really itchy after , but lukewarm showers have done the trick for me :))

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