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Quick Fix – Dry Skin

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to fix dry skin that required very little effort, no expensive creams, and was actually enjoyable and relaxing?

You’re in luck. I think I may have found it.

Field of Oats


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Oats may be the quick fix you’ve been looking for, and I’m not talking about whipping up a batch of porridge for breakfast (although this weather seriously calls for it!) Oats are really great for your skin as they contain active ingredients that can help to soothe dry and cracked skin.

The proteins in oats coat the skin in a protective layer, which stops it from losing moisture. They also contain Avenanthramides which are a powerful anti-irritant that will even keep eczema at bay. 

Luxury Oaty Milky Bath Soak

Next time you’re running a bath grab some oats from the pantry. Half fill a bath mitt with the oats and secure it to the running tap with a hair tie or a piece of string. Let the water run through the oats for a silky, milky luxurious bath soak. Oats are hypo-allergenic, so this trick will even work for little ones. 

If you don’t have a bath mitt handy you can also put a mound of oats on a face cloth and secure into a little bundle, place this in your bath and squeeze a few times to start releasing the oaty goodness.

“Just Right” Porridge Scrub

For a non abrasive and gentle exfoliant, mix equal parts oats to brown sugar. Then, simply take a handful of the mixture and add a little water to form a creamy paste and scrub away. This scrub is suitable for use all over the body, and because it oat based it will help to lock in moisture.


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