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Q&A from Denise Van Okker

Can you use it on calves, ankles and knees? I'm disproportionally fat in these areas - especially calves!! Calves and knees are very difficult - if not impossible - to treat with liposuction.

24th Jul, 2009 by Pam from Manchester

Can you use it on to tighten loose skin on the bust area?

24th Jul, 2009 by Pam from Manchester

Will it help stretch marks - or would POSE be better for that?

26th Jul, 2009 by Pam from Manchester

Is it safe to use if you have facial fillers?

9th Aug, 2009 by Delia from Cambridge

Can the fat come back?

The fat cells are shrunk but can they still expand and the fat come back in the same place? Also can this product be used for chin fat? Thank you.

16th Aug, 2009

by Linda from Wokingham

What does the stop feel like on the skin or do you not feel any sensation?

17th Aug, 2009 by katie lycett from Lincolnshire

Will it help a turkey neck?

Will the device help with a Turkey Neck, I have some loose skin just under my chin area due to weight loss will it help tighten this area up? Many Thanks Shirley

28th Aug, 2009

by shirley from South West

can we use olive oil to massage instead of gel/cream

Can we use olive oil or grape seed oil to massage with STOP ? As I have a very sensitive skin. thanks

9th Sep, 2009

by farah debi from indonesia

Can the Tripollar Pose be used for under the chin area? Is the POSE better than the STOP for firming a double chin?

10th Sep, 2009 by Paula from South Wales

Can the Tripollar Pose be used for under the chin area? Is the POSE better than the STOP for firming a double chin?

10th Sep, 2009 by Paula from South Wales

Can the Tripollar Stop be used to target fatty deposits on the body?

10th Sep, 2009 by Paula from South Wales

Is it ok to exfoliate and continue using normal anti aging products?

11th Sep, 2009 by Louise from Scotland

Micro dermabrasion

Can you get micro dermabrasion while using Tripollar Stop?

13th Oct, 2009

by Lynn from Scotland

Will wellbox work on scar tissue?

I have quite a big scar which - for various reasons - cannot be surgically removed and does not respond to any standard scar treatments (it’s after a wrongly injected TB jab). The only treatment method that provided any effects at all (very small effects, but that's still a success) was endermologie. However, it takes a lot of treatments to see a slightest improvement, and so it gets really costly and takes a lot of time. I was wondering if wellbox could have a similar effect on scar tissue. This would save me some time and money!

25th Oct, 2009

by Justyna from Liverpool, UK

Please can you tell me if I can use Tripollar Pose on the inside of my thighs as I have loose skin and fat there. Thanks.

20th Oct, 2009 by Collette from Birmingham

Hi, if I buy both pose and stop, can I use either both gel or do I have to use the specific gel for each?

21st Sep, 2009 by Labergue from Greece

Can you use any preperation gel with the tripollar pose?

8th Nov, 2009 by Lily from Carmarthenshire

Can you use any preperation gel with the tripollar pose?

11th Nov, 2009 by Lily from Carmarthenshire

Can you use Tripollar Pose on under fat (Mala bags) on top cheek area?

Hi, I was wondering if the Pose can be used on the face area at all? I was told that my little pouches under the eye area, on top of cheeck is called malar bags by a physican. He said it's mostly comprised of fat tissue. Wonded, if the Pose could melt down the fat some and also in lower jowl and under chin area. Then can I use the Stop to help tighten up areas. Just want to avoid surgery as much as possible. Thanks.

19th Nov, 2009

by Cece from Japan

Can you use Tripollar Pose on under fat (Mala bags) on top cheek area?

Hi, I was wondering if the Pose can be used on the face area at all? I was told that my little pouches under the eye area, on top of cheeck is called malar bags by a physican. He said it's mostly comprised of fat tissue. Wonded, if the Pose could melt down the fat some and also in lower jowl and under chin area. Then can I use the Stop to help tighten up areas. Just want to avoid surgery as much as possible. Thanks.

21st Nov, 2009

by Cece from Japan

Can the NoNo be used on my bikini line?

25th Nov, 2009 by Jenny from Coventry

Different gels for different purpose?

If I was using POSE to treat a double chin and STOP to treat the rest of my face, would I use the seperate gels that come with each unit then?

24th Nov, 2009

by Mehmet from London

Different gels for different purpose?

If I was using POSE to treat a double chin and STOP to treat the rest of my face, would I use the seperate gels that come with each unit then?

25th Nov, 2009

by Mehmet from London

Can the Stop be used on elbows?

25th Nov, 2009 by Emilia from USA

which product is the right for me?

Hello,i would like to tone up and loose a bit of weight,its been a while since i had regular work out(about 9 month),i ve been working out with a professional EMS full body system(miha bodytec) in germany and i had the best result ever.unfortunately this system is not available in UK,so i would like to try a home system and was thinking about getting either GForm mini,GForm micro or Compex Fit,which one would you recommend? meggie

20th Dec, 2009

by meggie from london


can my 14 years old daughter use this? is this device working on coarse hair as well?

1st Jan, 2010

by F.MORAD from United kingdom

can it be used on facial hair?

can the No No remove hair from the face? for instance stubble facial hair, I have tried lazor treatment which is very expensive for the treatments and I tried electrolasis, which is very painful. will this work? regards Kelly Bones

9th Jan, 2010

by Kelly Bones from Gillingham Kent

Can the NO NO be used on dark or black/Asian skin?

I am of sub-saharan desent, and wondering if the no-no will scar or damage my skin if i use it?

8th Jan, 2010

by Sarah from london

Can the NoNo Hair Remover be used in hot weather?

15th Jan, 2010 by Nikki from Nottingham

can you use the no no hair removal on the neck and is it safe to do so?

15th Jan, 2010 by john from london

Can I use it on my eyelids? If not, how close to the eyes can I use it?

1st Feb, 2010 by Louise from Stafford

I've received the product quickly thanks - is it normal for the orange light to flicker?

8th Feb, 2010 by Jody from Leicester

Enlarged pores

Hi, Im 41 and now have enlarged pores and very dehydrated skin (not dry). Would STOP solve both these problems please?

14th Feb, 2010

by Karen from Leeds

I have a Sauna in my house - are the benefits to using the Stop treatment in the sauna?

16th Feb, 2010 by Risa from Nottingham


Hi Ive got cellulite and wobbly legs fron knee upwards will the machine help firm and tone top of my legs .

17th Feb, 2010

by m spurdens from middlesex

Can I use the Tripollar Pose and Stop every other day or even every day?

25th Feb, 2010 by Paula from Halifax

Can the stop be used along with an tua viso facial exerciser?

25th Feb, 2010 by Debra from Austin, Texas

Need to shave?

I am wondering would a man need to shave prior to using this? For example legs, arms, etc? I am interested in this product for myself, but do not want to have to shave, and I am a bit hairy.

1st Mar, 2010

by Cliff from USA

This may sound like a bit of a silly question, but I'm looking at the 'Wellbox' and I've read through all the FAQs and data on their site, but I want to try and confirm that this product does NOT use any kind of 'infra red' or impulse or sonic, or radio waves etc. etc. - it just 'sucks' and rolls, if you see what I mean!?

28th Feb, 2010

by Sarah from Ilford

Can the Tripollar Pose be used on man boobs?

3rd Mar, 2010 by Nic from Wales

After I use STOP or Pose, will my skin be more sensitive in the sun? Can I use it in the summer?

6th Mar, 2010 by Mary from Athens

How long lasting are the results?

After using the Tripollar Stop for six weeks,would the results fade if the top ups were not continued? do the results last forever? Also,do the creams come with the unit, and in with the price.

6th Mar, 2010

by Denise from Wales

Oily skin and enlarged pores

I'm 35 , with oily skin and enlarged pores. I have intense lines between the nose and the lips and 2 annoying wrinkles on the left and right of my lips. Would you recommend I use the Tripollar Stop?

8th Mar, 2010

by Deborah from Chester

I have broken veins on my cheeks, can I still use TriPollar Stop?

8th Mar, 2010 by Andrea from London

Can I use the Tripollar Stop whilst using Retin A?

16th Mar, 2010 by Jenny from USA

can you use brite box revive as well as tripollar stop

15th Mar, 2010 by Louise from Scotland

Can you use the STOP face when pregnant?

19th Mar, 2010 by Nikki Baldwin from Cheshire

stretch marks

Will this be any good for stretch marks?

21st Mar, 2010

by Priscilla from Cheshire

Can the Wellbox be used during pregnancy?

23rd Mar, 2010 by Joy from Warrington

Can the Tripollar POSE be used when I've been using fake tan? Will the ingredients in the fake tanning lotion affect the Tripollar POSE treatment?

24th Mar, 2010 by Claire from Berkshire

Will this get rid of the jowls and lines near the mouth?

25th Mar, 2010 by Susan from Bolton

Can I use the Stop on my face if I have a metal implant in my lower back? I would like to buy a Stop and maybe a Pose I want to check if I am able to use them. I have no metal in the treatment are only in my lower back. Also, can I use the pose on areas of my body not near the back, for example, tummy, buttocks, thighs, arms. Many thanks, Nicole

30th Mar, 2010

by Nicole from London

The STOP can be used to improve the skin on the hands but what's the recommended treatment time for these areas and would you use it over the fingers (pushed together as opposed to separated)?

6th Apr, 2010

by Diane from Newburgh, Lancs

Does the Stop help alleviate nasal labial (laugh lines)?

11th Apr, 2010 by Loretta Jones from United States

I am 47yrs old with old acne scars and wrinkles will the tripollar smooth the appearance of scars?

17th Apr, 2010 by Tracie Phillips from Reading

What level should I use my GForm at to get the best results? Is it painful?

19th Apr, 2010 by Tina from Australia

Can I use tripollar Pose everyday or there is a recommended interval between applications?

13th Jun, 2010 by Ana Lopes from Portugal

loose skin

I have loose skin on the inner arms from a prior liposuction and it is very unsightly. There is no fat at all just the loose skin. Would the Pose help tighten an area that has no fat?

13th Jun, 2010

by Sharon from USA

How many applications can you get?

15th Jun, 2010 by Jane from Surrey

can you use with dental implants

15th Jun, 2010 by NICKY from MANCHESTER

Can the Tripollar Pose be used on breasts? If so, can I use it even though I've had implants?

24th Jun, 2010 by Alex from Brighton

I have had one treatment at a spa, will this be suitable for follow on treatments?

24th Jun, 2010 by jude from bath

What is the frequency difference between Tripollar stop and Pose?

There are a lot of RF equipment in the market. They are all with different frequency capacity. Tripollar pose is 1Mhz, Stop os 60HZ, some of the machines 3Mhz, some 10 Mhz Doest it mean the more frequency the better result?

19th Apr, 2010

by Alona from Vakuliuk

Please could you tell me the best position to place the tropollar stop to target the lines around the mouth? ie mouth to chin

25th Apr, 2010 by Susan from Surrey

availability of nora bode products

are various products available outside the purchase of the oxyjet system

24th Apr, 2010


Do you have to move no no in the direction of hair growth?

21st Apr, 2010 by mrs smith from leicester


Once you have completed the initial treatments, can you then do the STOP treatments say, once per week for maintenance, or would this be considered too much??

23rd Apr, 2010

by Linda from New York

Can you use the STOP face if I have implant two metallic valve in my heart?

28th Apr, 2010 by princesalba from granada (spain)

Will STOP help with sunken areas of the face?

Will STOP help with sunken areas of the face? I have a slightly drawn appearance and I'm wondering if the stimulating of collagen will help.

10th May, 2010

by Brett from United Kingdom

Can the clarisonic be used on slight rosacea skin?

24th May, 2010 by Debra from Sussex


I have small wrinkles under eyes can the stop help with this, if not what device can help

21st May, 2010

by colleen from dundee

Stop on the eye area

i'm still having trouble using STOP in under eye area, because it says all 4 heads have to touch the skin at the same time, so it's very hard around the inner under eye as i bump to my nose all the time and that area is not flat, and also i don't know in what direction i should use for tightening under eye area, should i do from outer eye to inner eye, or the opposite to have lifting effect, or from bottom to the top?

7th Jun, 2010

by Sara from Canada

Permanent Makeup

Can the stop be used if you have permanent makeup (eyebrows)? Also, can the Stop be used to tighten skin under the upper arms or other body parts? I know the Pose is for this but I can have only one device and the Stop is the one I would like to get. Does the 60 day return policy apply to units sent to the USA? Thanks

15th Jul, 2010

by Jean from California

Can the Clarisonic Plus be used on sensitive skin with broken veins?

14th Jul, 2010 by Tracey Bee from Norfolk

Can i use pose on my thighs and stomach while I am still breastfeeding?

23rd Jul, 2010 by Suzanna from Malaysia

In what parts of my body can I use the Wellbox during pregnancy?

I have celluite in my under arms and fat in my back I want to get rid of, since i started to hear about the Wellbox, does it tighetn flabby arms also?

16th Jul, 2010

by Angelica from Belomont Shore, Ca.

Is wellbox same power as machine in clinic

Hi, I have had this treatment and it was very effective but huh very expensive. Is the home machine the same power as the ones used in clinics as they used to vary the settings? Thanks

15th Sep, 2010

by cassandra from england, uk

Which brush would be best for oily skin?

18th Sep, 2010 by Yos from Germany

Clarisonic with acne-probe skin

Hallo is it clearsonic good for blemish acne prone skin? It wouldńt spread bacteria?. And one more question all clearsonic come with multiple adapter?

1st Oct, 2010

by Misa from Slova Republic

improve circulation in lower legs

I have fluid retention and poor circulation in my lower legs and ankles will this improve the appearance of my legs ?

14th Oct, 2010

by SHELLEY NAUGHTON from sunnyside cottage cheshire CW6 9BB

What is the difference between tripollar and ultrasound?

12th Oct, 2010 by Netta from England

Where can I buy the Tripollar Stop Gel and Cream?

16th Aug, 2011 by Marta Hunkova from Prague

What is the difference between the Clarisonic Mia and the Clarisonic Classic?

23rd Sep, 2011 by Sandra from Newham

how many times in a week or in a day should the device be used

12th Oct, 2011 by sandi whalen from hattiesburg, ms

How should I prepare my skin before I use the Rio?

Should I exfoliate before I use the Rio scanning laser?

27th Oct, 2011

by Emily from Northamptonshire

tripollar Pose for knees and calves!!!

hi I want to know if the TriPollar POSE works well on the knees and how to use it?? I have fat knees and calves thank you

3rd Nov, 2011

by celine from France

teenage acne

will the clarisonic help my 15 year old daughter who has had acne for 4 years.Even though she has acne she has dry shin.

13th Nov, 2011

by b withall from nottimghan

I've got sensitive skin

My football buddy has one of these and really rates it. I am interested in getting one but I do have a touch of rosacea can I still use it?

3rd Dec, 2011

by Mark Tuffnell from Dumbartonshire

acne and sag

Can this be used on skin with acne? Also i'm 21 can I still use this? I have some sagging cheeks and jowls and some loose skin. I'm hoping to firm them up.

1st Dec, 2011

by Grace

About time to use

if I live with two sisters we can use the tripollar stop the tree of us? because I don't want my tripollar damage or broke for using in excess; How many times is safe for the machine?sorry my english

9th Jan, 2012

by Paula Alvarez from Bogota Colombia

stretch marks

does it help reducing stretch marks?or at least show some improvement?

11th Dec, 2011

by teodora from romania


I already have a Baby Quasar, are they similar? or can I use them together?

21st Dec, 2011

by Karen from USA

Sun sensitivity

Does the Mia make your skin more sensitive to the sun?

21st Jan, 2012

by E Clark from Hampshire

african american skin

Is the tripollar pose just as effective on african american skin?

21st Feb, 2012

by Tasha from america


Can I use this even when I have melasma and sometimes use products for skin peeling?

3rd Feb, 2012

by Ching Antonio from Philippines

Multiple area use during one session

Q. If i want to use Pose on my tummy, front legs and hips, how long do I use it for each area at a time and can I go from one area to the next until all are done? The machine looks so small to cover larger areas such as thighs... Do i need to use it a bit longer on these area or just use shorter strokes?

8th Mar, 2012

by Debbie from Dallas,Tx

ingredients in the gel

I have many allergies. Please list the ingredients that are in the gel for the face as well as the gel for the body. Thank you

2nd Apr, 2012

by Linda from United States

Use around the eyes

Hi Can the tripollar stop be used around the eyes, (above for droopy eye lids and for puffy bags under the eyes) ?

18th May, 2012

by Per from Copenhagen

The Eyes

Can the Clarisonic be used underneath the delicate eye area?

20th May, 2012

by Karen from London

"Wellbox for eye treatment "

Hi..I am on my late 20s and i was wondering if i can use wellbox to help reduce small wrinkles my eye bags and eliminates acne scars? Thank you.

17th Apr, 2013

by Loren from Indonesia

TriPollar Stop

Can I use the device on the entire neck? Can an Asian use the device? Kim Thank you

9th Apr, 2013

by Kim from Florida

Would TriPollar STOP 'kill' the skin-collagen if I only do 2 a week & my skin self-recovery is slow?

Hi, my skin looks good once I have done some RF treatments in beauty salon, but this effect doesn't actually last very long and my skin becomes more saggy(especially eye area) than before. I'm guessing whether is the RF stimulation outweigh from the collagen generation process of my skin. Would I experience the similar problem using TriPollar Stop as from my understanding RF functioning is based on internal traumatic thoery to active one's skin to produce more collagen. Correct me if I was wrong. Thank you. :)

15th Feb, 2013

by Franky from Australia

Botox and Stop

Is it OK to use the Stop on areas that have been botoxed? Thanks!

14th Feb, 2013

by Rosita from York, UK

Safety question

Can this product be safely used on the neck as well as the face? I've been told that some light-based units cannot, because there is a risk to the thyroid. Thank you!

8th Feb, 2013

by Christine from London


Hi there Do these brush heads fit the Clarisonic Classic?

23rd Jan, 2013

by Jo Pitot from London

Number of pads in use?

Do all the pads need to be used together or is the unit supplied with cables to allow the use of two or four pads at a time?

14th Jan, 2013

by Sharon from Ireland

When to start using

At what age would you recommend starting to use the Stop? Also, you mention in one of your questions that Stop can be used to reduce fat deposits under the chin. Will it also reduce fat deposits on other parts of the face? This surely would not be ideal for anti age effect.

11th Dec, 2012

by Natalya from London

Skin Type

Can the STOP be used on any skin colour and type

9th Apr, 2013

by roheeni from new zealand

Blue light therpahy would it work for me?

Good afternoon im 27 years of age and have suffered from acne since I was 18. I have tried various products and whilst I can get some degree of control using my current products and anti biotics im still regualry breaking out mostly on my lower cheek areas and jawline. I have seen this product and it does look pretty good I like the idea that I can use this as well as my products and sit back and relax letting it do its work. However naturally as many long term acne suffers are im sceptical. Also i see there is a lack of reviews for the product and no money back guarantee. What is youre opinion on the product? Thanks Rob.

28th Mar, 2013

by Robert Owen from West Yorkshire


I am breast feed , can I use Stop.?

24th Mar, 2013

by Jess from UNited kingdom

What is the output Current of Caci Microlift?

I've seen the Ezzi-Lift Avazzia which has an output current of 2 to 90uA and was wondering how the Caci compares.

12th Apr, 2013

by Charllene from Leeds

Does it work

I am a smoker and coffee drinker, will it work on my teeth? also i have 3 crowns , will emmi dent make a difference on those?

17th Apr, 2013

by lilibet woodger from cambridgeshire


Just got a meditens and do not know how long I should use it for each session. Someone told me to use it for 1hr twice a day and then some else told me that that was much too long. Using it for pain relief in the neck/shoulder area. had an operation for trapped nerves...got 2 discs removed and still a lot of pain!!! What is your advice? Look forward to hearing from you. Shirley Moffett

23rd Apr, 2013

by shirley moffett from ireland

Thyroid gland

Hi there, can you tell me why the STOP cannot be used over the thyroid gland area on the neck? Will it hurt if I go over this area accidentally? Many thanks

23rd Apr, 2013

by Joanne from England

Isn't it Summer??

Hi I expect to feel a bit under the weather in winter but not in the middle of May and am thinking would a daylight lamp help lift my spirits

15th May, 2013

by Becky from London


Hi, My electrodes have lost their adhesive qualities

15th May, 2013

by dan from slough

Problem with skin

"The problem I have had is the gel which serves as the medium for applying the device It has broken out my skin terribly. I am not sure if it has mineral oil in it or something similar, but it is having a pronounced effect on my skin. Do you have anything else that is usable with the device that has less likelihood of breaking out my skin. I had to eliminate sessions with it after about a month because the problem was so embarrassing."

28th May, 2013

by Mia

Same formula in STOP and POSE Preparation Gel

I notice the ingredient for Tripollar STOP Preparation Gel and Tripollar POSE Preparation Gel are the same. Please advise if they are having same formula and I can them both on face and body?

14th Jun, 2013

by Fan from Hong Kong


How often should I use the Hairmax? Will hair growth be quicker if I use it more often?

17th Jun, 2013

by Burhan from London

overlap lupus rheumatoid arthritis

Hello! I got overlap lupus rheumatoid arthritis. Can I use this product?

7th Jul, 2013

by Bee from Kent

Laser comb

Is the Laser comb safe to use if you are diabetic?

11th Jul, 2013

by Corinne from London

Will this also work on men?

Hi, I would like to ask if this is also going to work on men? And how long will it takes to results?

2nd Aug, 2013

by Lark from London

Plumped Cheeks

One of the customer reviews says that after a few weeks, your cheeks will definitely look plumpier, as though it was a positive thing. My cheeks are already quite large, and I thought the purpose was to tone, refine, and tighten the cheeks/jaw. Would you mind clarifying?

4th Aug, 2013

by Samantha

Old loose skin

Hi, I'd like to know if the procedure works on loose skin that didn't happen recently? Will it tighten skin that has been loose for a long period of time? I'm talking 10+ years.

7th Aug, 2013

by Tia from Surrey

Storage life

HI,there is no expired date on the box or bottle. Could you tell me the storage life of a sealed/unopened tripollar stop preparation gel? Thank you very much !

9th Aug, 2013

by Evelyn from reading

gaunt face

Hi I was told that the stop can melt a little fat of your face, now i have a very skinny face and the last thing i want is loosing more fat . Will the stop give me a gaunt looking face?

14th Aug, 2013

by Giovanna from spain

Beurer Infrared Lamp 150w IL30

Does this lamp tilt below 180 degrees (i.e below the horizontal)? If so, how far ?

10th Aug, 2013

by Richard Gregory from Nailsea

How often

How often should you and when should you see results

4th Sep, 2013

by Tom from London

Professional v Wellbox

I am having professional Wellbox treatments to help with lymphatic drainage on my legs. How powerful is the Wellbox compared to the professional model.

1st Oct, 2013

by Rebecca from Surrey


Hi, Can the Silk'n Glide be used in the United States or Canada? I am wondering if the voltage is international and all I need is the right plug for the unit. Thank you.

30th Sep, 2013

by Loe from USA

Beurer IL30 UV light for Psoriasis treatment

Can the Beurer IL30 UV light be used for psoriasis phototherapy treatment ?

26th Sep, 2013

by Wilfred Rodrigues from Dubai

Stop light

When I treat one side of my face and go to the other side the machine stays orange and if I switch it off to cool down and start again the light comes on very quickly within a few seconds, this also applies to my neck. I have tried it on high and medium with the same results.

7th Oct, 2013

by Maggie from Kent


how many treatment each podlet last? or do we need one with every treatment? Thanks

13th Oct, 2013

by Lma from nottingham

condromalacia patelar and increased Q-angle

I have CP in both knees had keyhole, helped for 3 years, pain back very bad. Been advised the kneehab as now saying i have increased Q angle which caused the issues in the first place. not much medical info about this so very concerned about a £400 gizmo. how does it help malalignment?

30th Oct, 2013

by Leanne Taylor from Manchester

Pro 12

HI, I have the Pro 12 and I thought the treatment lasted 8 minutes as my device switches off after 12 is this right?

11th Feb, 2014

by Phil from London

For women?

Can you use the EM35 on women too? It dosen't say anywhere if it's just for men or both..

19th Feb, 2014

by Emily from Norway

cefar easy

hello, does the cefar easy come with any electrodes?

25th Jan, 2014

by bryce

do you plug the device in or does it use batteries.

I would like to know if this device plugs in or uses batteries. If it uses batteries; how many? Thank you

7th Feb, 2014

by carol from welington, florida

Why the sound of the motor is too low?

I bought the emmi-dent 6, three weeks ago and after two weeks of use the sound of the motor became very low, it has period of low sound and period of high sound .It's strange... What happens? What should I do?

21st Jan, 2014

by Mirela from Bucharest, Romania

Re: Replacement Bulb

HelloI know it says that you don't need a replacement bulb because it has 50,000 flashes but do replacement bulbs exist for this product? Thanks. Christina

20th Jan, 2014

by Christina Scott from France

Weak Left Leg

Hi, I'm 43 and have arthritis in my knees which grind when performing certain exercises. However i also have a real stiff left leg with hip pain around my glutes and towards the knee, the leg is considerably weaker than my right. My Physio has told me that i have less muscle on this side of the leg and the best way is to build up the quads. I struggle to do the squat based exercise (hurts my knees) and also i dont seem to have enough flexibility in my calfs / ankle for the stretch. I have come across this and really would llike to know whether this will help build my quads and stabliise my knee joint. Your advice would be much appreciated.

3rd Dec, 2013

by Ravi Patel from Coventry


Does this come with a charger that can be used on USA power ?

2nd Dec, 2013

by CMiller from USA


Hello, Can I walk around whilst wearing this cape or do I need to remain attached to the electrical supply? Thanks.

24th Nov, 2013

by M.M. from Paris

Including cream or not?

Does this STOP including cream and gel on the price of $332.88 ? Do I need to pay for the returning cost? Where is the STOP shipping from?

20th Nov, 2013

by Tracy from Canada

What kind of batteries?

Hi, what kind of batteries are used? Thanks.

10th Nov, 2013

by Leopold from Italy

whats in the box?

Hi there, can you tell me if the items in the box are for both arms or if i have to buy 2 to do both arms at the same time? Many thanks

19th Oct, 2013

by Joanne from essex

Compex Motor Pen

I have a pen, but have no instructions of how to use it with a Compex energy as it did not come with any. Can you help? Ian

14th Aug, 2013

by Ian from Rowhedge