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Pole Fitness: Beyond the Myths

Pole fitness, isn’t that for like… strippers?

– Me, 2 weeks ago.

Call me prudish, but until a few weeks ago, I thought pole fitness was just cardio for pole dancers. And I have the cheek to call myself a modern woman?!

Pole fitness is one of those exercise crazes that invites prejudice and misplaced stereotypes; since finding out more about the workout, I’ve learned that it’s not at all about gyrating around a pole in your underwear. It’s about getting a full body workout in a fun environment.

I’m always on the lookout for a new workout, not only because it keeps exercise interesting, but because it’s a great way to target different muscle groups. I’ve tried surfing, snowboarding  rock climbing, Pilates, Yoga, hooping, zumba, salsa… the list goes on.

But pole fitness is one of the crazes I’m cautious about… Which is why I grilled my friend Laura, a pole fitness convert, to see if I could get rid myself of some of my horrible misconceptions, and maybe one day try out this new fitness craze…

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pole Fitness

1. It. Is. Grueling. 

If you thought it was just about twirling around a pole, you’d be wrong. It’s about climbing with your upper body strength, and then hanging off the pole upside down using only your inner thighs. It’s about strengthening your core, and your confidence. And you only wear skimpy clothes (think hot pants and a vest top) to get traction on the pole.

2. Most people who try pole fitness don’t lose weight, they put it on… in pure muscle! 

My friend, a super skinny size 6, was worried she’d lose more weight if she tried any intense physical exercise. Wrong. She’s actually managed to put on weight, and is now pure muscle.

3. Your Boyfriend will love it. 

Ok, so you probably did know this one already. But after chatting to Laura’s boyfriend too, I learned that he’s a big fan. And not for the reasons you’d expect – he was happy to see his girlfriend’s confidence soar since she started taking the class.


There are pole fitness classes popping up all over the country! Don’t be shy, give it a whirl! 

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