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Pinterest Picks: Healthy Snacks

One of the biggest perils you’ll face when dieting is getting stuck in a rut, when you’re eating the same old things and it’s getting super boring. Unless you possess Gordon Ramsay style culinary prowess, then the chances of getting creative in the kitchen are pretty slim, but fear not, as there’s a place where inspiration flows easy and free.

Pinterest! My favourite place to pass the time, and pick up a few ideas along the way. It’s not only good for tips on organising your cleaning supply cupboard, it’s also great for finding new ways to shake up your eating habits.

Board of the month this month is Delicious Goodies, where you’ll find a whole collection of great recipes, with healthy snacks and indulgent comfort food getting equal attention.


From baked beetroot crisps, to delicious sun blush tomatoes, there’s something for everyone…head over there now to check it out.

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