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National popcorn month – Make staying in the new going out

Did you know that October is national popcorn month? In honour of the wonderfully strange tradition, we’re rounding up the top 5 ways to celebrate – after all staying in is the new going out.


Number one is simple and obvious. Grab a face mask, a packet of popcorn and get Netflix set up. As it’s October (and nearly Halloween) we’d recommend a few horrors! Currently showing on Netflix are a few of our favourites here at CB, including Carrie, Paranormal Activity 2 and the classic Child’s Play. An added bonus – apparently watching a scary movie can burn up to 200 calories through sheer terror!


Invite the girls over, grab the popcorn and indulge in a night of pampering and treating yourselves. Why not start of giving your skin a deep cleanse with a Clarisonic, follow up with an exfoliating treatment using the PMD and finish off by taking the perfect Skin Care Selfy!

say what?

Why not skip the salon and stay in to give yourself the perfect manicure? By using a home gel kit like Elegant Touch’s, you can have long-lasting gel polish on your fingers and toes without the need to leave your house. They have some beautiful colours, and it’s really easy to apply too. Bonus points for popping popcorn between applications!

Photo by closeupmag

Photo by closeupmag

In honour of popcorn month, why not get creative with the type of corn you make? Ditch the shop bought toffee flavoured stuff and make your very own, like margarita popcorn. By melting 6 tablespoons of butter with 2 tablespoons of lime juice and tequila, 2 teaspoons of salt and 2 teaspoons of sugar, you can create the perfect base for a cheeky, fruity bowl of popcorn.


Speaking of margaritas, holding a cocktail night is a great way to make staying in the new going out. Invite friends over, get the cocktail shakers out and, of course, serve with mini bowls of popcorn too!

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