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Men Love the Clarisonic Too!

The differences between men and women’s skin are enormous. For starters, men’s skin is thicker than women’s which means they’re better protected from UV rays. But, before you start complaining, their skin is also more sensitive, since they have to deal with frequent stubble removal. Daily shaving takes its toll on men’s skin, and over time will damage the protective outer layer.

Men’s skin also tends to be oiler than women’s skin, so it’s important to keep this under control with the right cleansing routine. Although their skincare needs are different, men can benefit from the Clarisonic just as much as women. By using a gadget like the Clarisonic, men can ensure their skin is ultra-clean and exfoliated. So if your battery is running out faster than you expected, you might want to check to see if your fella is sporting a glowing complexion, and then consider buying him his own! 🙂


The MIA even comes in this dashing shade of grey, so no one has to worry about using a really girly gadget.

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