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How To Build a Healthy Gift Basket

Christmas gift baskets used to be the go-to gift for those people you don’t know too well, like your children’s teacher, or the in-laws. But they seem to be making a comeback ever since we’ve all gone mad for local, seasonal or home-made products. While you can pick up some great ready-made gift baskets from every supermarket and department store at the moment, these are often filled with odd-ball treats and laden with unwelcome calories.

Nothing says you care quite like a hand-picked gift basket, and the best part is you can tailor it to the individual person, making sure they don’t get left with a weird fruit jam that sits in the back of the fridge for 6 months growing fur, or that pack of cheesy biscuits that no one wants to touch after boxing day.

How to Build the Perfect Healthy Gift Basket…

healthy gift basket

[1] Start with a healthy gadget, like this Polar Easy Start Training Computer. It’s a perfect entry level heart rate monitor packed with loads of great features.

[2] Add a super relaxing treat, even really active people need to kick back and relax sometimes. This mini massager from Beurer is a perfect stocking filler for the athlete in your life.

[3] Throw in a healthy treat. This fruit and nut mix from Holland and Barrett is a personal favourite of mine, it includes a mixture of dried fruits, loads of nuts and candied ginger covered in white, milk, and dark chocolate – hence the name “Roulettes”. Delicious!

[4] Continuing with the food theme, throw in a couple of yummy energy bars to help fuel their workout. These energy bombs are delicious!

[5] Finally, why not add a tub of their favourite protein powder, or this selection of recovery shakes from For Goodness Shakes. The strawberry one actually tastes like it may have once met a strawberry!

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