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Gym-Safe Makeup

For some reason, the idea of whether or not it’s ok to wear makeup to the gym is one of the great debates of gym going. Fair enough, nobody should feel like they have to doll up to work out, but sometimes it feels like the overriding attitude is that it’s letting the side down somehow. It’s almost as if makeup wearers are perceived as not taking their workout seriously enough – but I don’t buy that!

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Firstly, motivation is key. If the first thought in your head is of how bad you think you’ll look (however unfounded that may be), then the motivation to go -and keep going- to the gym is going to be a serious struggle – and probably not a positive experience at all. What’s more, if you look in the mirror and feel confident about yourself before you’ve even started, then you’ll always associate your workout with that awesome feeling. I think this quote from Deion Sanders sums it up pretty nicely:

“If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you play good”

 Sure, the idea of not giving a hoot about how you look is nice, but let’s face it, not too many of us have reached that stage of enlightenment (not to say we aren’t working on it…) So if the prospect of going to the gym makes you shiver with fear for the sole reason of having to go makeup-free, never fear! Here are some tips for gym-safe makeup to help get you looking good and feeling great in no time:

Lipstain, not lipstick
Basically, you want to avoid anything that puts you on a train to smudgeville. A lip stain is a great alternative to lipstick, giving a burst of healthy colour and staying power with no risk factor. I love Revlon’s Just Bitten which comes with a balm to keep everything soft and smooth.

Eye no-nos
A bit of a controversial one, but I say don’t bother with eye colour at all – cream or shadow, it’s really unlikely that you’re ever going to get the staying power you want (and if you have found this miraculous product, let me know!) Even less so with liquid eyeliner, as the last thing you want while stepping it up on the treadmill is a liquid liner disaster – trust me. Your best bet is a waterproof pencil eyeliner – I use Too Faced Perfect Eyes, which has great staying power

Waterproof mascara – a gym-going girl’s best friend
Heat + sweat + a non-waterproof mascara = resembling a certain black-and-white bear species. Not usually a good look, unless you want to relive your teenage goth phase. Stick with your favourite waterproof, and use an eyelash curler for bonus points.

Try to avoid foundation
Wearing foundation while exercising can be pretty bad for your skin, clogging pores and accumulating bacteria buildup (Mind you, that’s why we have Clarisonics!). If you really can’t go without, try stepping it down a notch to a tinted moisturizer or a mineral foundation like bareMinerals which can help minimize blemishes.

Keep it basic, keep it natural (especially useful for stealth in case one of those makeup-antis are about), and watch your makeup-related gym fears float away!

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