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Drink more water, without the boring

We all know that water is good for us. We all know it’s essential to keep our bodies functioning. And we all know we should drink more water – about 8 glasses per day, to be precise!

But let’s be honest, water is a bit boring, and you can’t always be loading it up with sugary cordial or drinking fresh juices – your teeth would never forgive you for a start! And then there’s the extra hidden calories to think about.

I’ve been on a lifelong mission to make water taste less yawn-worthy ever since I noticed the amazing difference it makes to my skin. If I get dehydrated, my skin shouts it out to the world. Thanks, skin!

So I wanted to share some of my “recipes” for making water less boring – most of these are also popular with kids too.

1. Add fruit, any fruit, although it works best with peeled and skinless fruits as this will let the flavour loose in your drink.

2. Better still, add frozen fruit. Grapes and blackberries make a great alternative to ice cubes, and then you get a little sweet treat at the end of your drink.

3. Try a fruit slushie cooler – blend any watery fruit (I like this with watermelon) with some crushed ice. Top up with sparkling water and serve. So  delicious and refreshing!

4. Make cucumber water. This is great for after a workout, it makes water taste even more hydrating (don’t ask me how that works). Simply slice up cucumbers and add to a pitcher of water. Add ice, or keep in the fridge to serve up an even cooler treat.

5. Drink tea! I’m currently loving Tetley’s Vanilla Rooibos (or red bush) tea. It’s naturally caffeine free, so you can enjoy this all day long, and it counts towards your daily water intake. It’s also naturally sweet, so you won’t need milk or sugar!

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  1. stilishbabe - September 12, 2012

    That’s a brilliant idea! I’m gonna try the tea as well!

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