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Deck The Halls: Preparing For Christmas

Here it is: The ultimate Christmas check-list  Make sure you’ve ticked off all these before Christmas Eve and enjoy a stress-free Christmas!

  • Buy your Christmas gifts – duh! If you don’t want to spend hours battling through Christmas shopping traffic then why not shop online? We put together a post about creating online wish lists that will help you streamline your efforts – forward it to everyone you know and you’ll get your Christmas shopping done in record time.
  • Gift Wrap. Make sure you buy this as soon as it hits the shops as the good stuff sells out quickly. You don’t want to end up with the crepe thin rubbish that tears so easily you have to patch it up with sellotape.
  • Advent calendars – again, you’ll end up with the cheap chocolate calendars if you don’t buy these asap. Alternatively, you could make your own re-usable advent calendar. Check out our Pinterest board for some great ideas! I’m in love with this gorgeous clothes peg calendar from Pinterest.

  • Christmas parties – are you hosting or attending? Either way, make sure you have a few outfits lined up, the more sparkle the better!
  • Christmas dinner – Why not use a company like hellofresh to take the stress out of buying all the odds and ends required for the perfect Christmas dinner? They even include a starter, pudding, and a gourmet cheese board. Yum!
  • Sending cards. Do this at the start of December and get it out of the way. It shouldn’t take longer than one evening, make it a relaxing affair; pop on a good movie and open a bottle of wine.
  • Don’t forget to send letters to Santa too! And make sure Santa writes back with letters from Santa from NSPCC, your donation will go to a good cause! You can also sign up to and receive a personalised message from Santa, just for your kids. Ahhh, technology!
  • Secret Santa/ Surprise guests. Make sure you stock up on small gifts and treats to give to unexpected guests; there’s nothing worse than receiving a gift and having nothing to give in return. Awkward!

There you have it… Christmas: without the stress! Now you might actually have time to enjoy the holidays!

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  1. mrsmurphyslawoffitness - November 14, 2012

    Great list! We go to the beach every year for the holidays and my mother-in-law was trying to decide on if she should cook or order food. Have you personally tried hellofresh? I’ve always been afraid to experiment with those types of things..

    • Liv - - November 19, 2012

      Thank you! Your Christmas plans sound lovely!

      I haven’t tried the hellofresh Christmas box yet… but I have tried similar delivery services, like Abel & Cole, they were wonderful!
      Hellofresh was a recommendation from a foodie friend, he’s going to be using them this year, I will make sure I report back!

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