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Clarisonic Quick Tips

A Cautionary Tale: When I added the Clarisonic PLUS to my collection this Christmas I was far too excited to get it out of the packaging to bother taking a look at the instructions. Then, along came my hyper-organised older brother, ruthlessly cramming packaging, wrapping paper, and other Christmas day remnants into a plastic bag.

And my Clarisonic instructions were never to be seen again.

This would be fine, if my shiny new toy didn’t have a whole bunch of new features that my MIA didn’t have. There I was, on Christmas Day, unable to figure out how to change the settings, it was a disaster… which is where the inspiration for this post came from.

Clarisonic Quick Tips

How to: Change the brush head… Push down, twist anti-clockwise, pull off.

How to: Get into tight corners… Modify your brush head by removing the outer bristles.

Clarisonic brush head guide

Remove the brush head, turn it upside down and push the middle bristles out. Place this on the Clarisonic handle and use to get in to those hard to reach places.

How to: Change the speed on a Clarisonic PRO… Press the speed button (top button) and look at the light.

2 lights – pro speed

Top light only – high speed

Bottom light only – normal speed

No light – low speed

How to: Turn off the T-Timer… Press and hold the on/off button until you hear 1 long beep and 1 short beep. Press the on/off button twice and you should hear 1 long beep. If you don’t hear this, keep moving through the settings by pressing the on/off button twice until you hear it.

And if you too fell victim to an over-enthusiastic neat-freak, you can get all of the instruction manuals here…

Clarisonic MIA

Clarisonic MIA 2

Clarisonic Classic

Clarisonic PRO

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