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Clarisonic For Different Skin Types

We’re all so used to empty promises these days that a one size fits all product always sounds too good to be true. I’ve seen so many of you ladies and gents excited by the hype, but still sceptical if Clarisonic is really the solution to your skin woes.

I’ve decided to set your minds at ease and give you a run down of how Clarisonic can be used with different skin types to prove that with a sonic cleanse you really can have it all!

Dry Skin

Photo by Moyan_Brenn


This skin type can be tight and flaky, as well as being more prone to developing… you guessed it… those dreaded wrinkles! Those with oily skin are lucky in a way, because their skin is much more resilient in this respect.

  • As a general rule of thumb, dry skin needs some extra care when exfoliating as tightness can leave it sensitive. So a Sensitive brush head is a good choice to get rid of those annoying flakes whilst taking extra care of your skin in its delicate state.
  • A mask or rich moisturiser is a good option after using your Clarisonic, to give your skin that extra boost of moisture – one of the great things about Clarisonic cleansing is that it lets your products work their best (up to 61% more effective), so you might find your moisturiser is now supercharged!
  • Makeup artist Claudia at Beauty & the Chic, who has suffered from very dry skin, has posted a glowing review of the Mia, so check it out if you have this skin type.
Oily Skin

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With enlarged pores and prone to spots, somehow “You’ll have less wrinkles” seems like little compensation for such a troublesome skin type. Worry no more however, as even the most oily of skin can be kept at bay:

  • The Clarisonic range is gentle enough to be used use up to twice a day – releasing and banishing any excess oil before you can say “Grease be gone!”
  • Clarisonic cleansing can actually help minimise large pores – and there’s a Deep Pore brush head specifically for those who need help in this area.
  • There’s nothing worse for oily skin than residual makeup and grime making everything worse, blocking pores and causing spots. Clarisonic is six times better at removing makeup than manual cleansing, keeping your skin clean and fresh.
Combination Skin

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The most fickle of skin types, it needs different care in different places. The most common issue is that of dry skin on the cheeks, and an oily t-zone.

  • The T-Timer function, newly available on the Mia 2, lets you know exactly when to move on from one part of your face to the next – resulting in a complexion that’s perfectly balanced and equally cleansed throughout. Cleansing manually can be a bit like brushing your teeth – you often naturally get into a habit of cleaning one bit more than another!
  • Different speed options allow you more control over customising your cleanse. Mia 2 and Classic have 2 speeds, whilst PLUS has 3, so there are plenty of options for choosing the best model for your skin’s needs.


Sensitive Skin

Photo by Rennett Stowe


This is my skin type – whoop de do! Inflammation and itchyness – the worst of both worlds from both oily and dry skin. Sensitive skin can break into spots or become flaky and easily irritated.  Luckily, the Clarisonic can even be a shoulder to cry on for such sensitive skin.

  • Delicate brush heads – even more sensitive than Sensitive! This super-soft brush head will work its magic and leave your skin looking beautiful without irritation.
  • The Clarisonic is even suitable for sensitive skin conditions such as roseacea and acne.


Not really a skin ‘type’, but just thought it was worth a mention that there are options for those parts of your skin which don’t quite fit into facial skincare.

  • Clarisonic PLUS can be used on the face and the body, with a special brush head for body exfoliation.
  • Clarisonic Opal is designed specially for the skin around the eyes, to brighten, firm and prevent future damage in this particularly delicate area of the face.

Hope that was helpful in your quest for skin salvation! Visit our Clarisonic page to find out more about the full Clarisonic range.

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