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Blue Monday – Tips for Lifting Your Mood

It’s the most depressing time of the year!

Although originally part of a marketing campaign for Sky Travel, Blue Monday does seem to have some pretty substantial (pseudo) science behind it. It’s something to do with the plummeting temperature, the time since Christmas, our motivation levels, and the state of our bank accounts that makes this the most gloomy Monday of the year. Humph.


So on this highly depressing day, and all the depressing days yet to come before Spring graces us with its presence,  what can you do to lift your mood?

1. Go for a walk. I’ll admit, no one wants to be outside in this weather, but a little bit of exercise can really blow out the cobwebs and help lift your mood. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like getting wrapped up, you could always hit the gym!

2. Stay snuggly warm. Gone are the days when electric blankets were reserved only for older folks. If grown ups can wear onesies then they can also use these little heated miracles. Warm bed + cup of tea + good book = instant mood lifter.

3. Ditch the diet. Winter is not the time to be restricting your food intake to salad and rice cakes. Ditch the diet in favour of a low-cal winter warmer. Try this winter vegetable chilli. 

4. Watch a feel good movie. My personal picks would be Finding Neverland, Transformers, Iron Man or Back to the Future.

5. Phone a friend. Even if you’re swamped with work and your bank balance makes you want to weep, you can still afford to pick up the phone and spend 30 minutes catching up with a friend. Double points for this one, as a surprise call will surely cheer them up too!

6. Don’t be S.A.D. If you find yourself suffering in the gloomier months, you might benefit from a S.A.D. lamp. Stick one of these on your desk and you’ll soon forget that you haven’t seen the sun for a couple of months.

What are your tips for staying cheerful?

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