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5 Real-Life Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! I’m a not such a huge fan of the chocolate kind (I know, weird right?) but I’m a massive fan of real-life easter eggs, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you below as an Easter treat!

1. City Hall Train Station, New York

Intended to be the pride and joy of the city’s new subway system, New York’s City Hall station soon became a hidden relic of underground architecture when it closed its doors to the public, just 41 years after opening in 1945. Rumour has it that if you stay on the 6 train instead of getting off at Brooklyn Bridge, you can catch a glimpse of this station for yourself as the train makes its turnaround. If you fancy a bit of locomotive-based urbexing yourself, there’s more in Toronto, and even more in London

City Hall - an abandoned subway stop in new YorkPhoto ©2008 John-Paul Palescandolo

2. The Center of the Universe, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Stand in the center of this unassuming-looking concrete circle, and sounds are mysteriously echoed and amplified to bizarre effect (the most common example being of a pin dropping sounding like like crash of a gong). That’s not the end of it though – nobody standing outside of the circle will be able to hear a thing. You can read more about this acoustic anomaly here.

3. The global treasure hunt going on under your nose

Geocaching took off in the early noughties, making use of GPS technology to generate a worldwide ‘treasurehunting’ phenomenon where players use coordinates and clues to find and hide containers or ‘caches’ in locations around the globe. Essentially a massive game of hide and seek – tap in your location at to see what’s hiding near you.

4. Spooky anti-gravity hills

Picture this: you stop your car and accidentally leave it in gear – somewhere isolated. Perhaps you’re lost and need to make a phone call. It’s a foggy day. There’s nobody around. The wind is whistling gently in your ears. And then, mysteriously, your car starts to roll…. up hill. OoooOOOooo! Well, what sounds like the premise for an episode of Goosebumps can actually be experienced at hundreds of locations around the world – but don’t get too excited… it’s just an optical illusion!

Photo by caitymacky @ wordpress

Photo by caitymacky

5. Hidden Mickeys

It’s true – Disney are trying to work their way into our subconscious minds. In fact, Disney are hiding Mickey Mouse and an array of other Disney characters all over the place. Just take a look at – a website dedicated to uncovering the covert critters. They’re everywhere. It’s almost scary. Scratch that, it’s definitely scary.

 Hope you all had a great Easter holiday!

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