Beurer Shiatsu Massage Mat MG230

Complete with rotating massage heads which provide a powerful and intensive deep massage for the whole back.
Beurer Shiatsu Massage Mat MG230
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Lay down for the ultimate relaxing massage with the Beurer MG230 Shiatsu Massage Mat. Including heat function and featuring four Shiatsu massage heads that rotate or roll in pairs along the full length of your back, imitating the pressure and kneading motions of a Shiatsu massage.

Alternatively, you can select individual massage regions to target specific areas of discomfort. The MG230 has a machine washable, soft velour cover and detachable neck cushion for superior comfort. Use it on any flat surface such as a bed, sofa or floor so you can relax and unwind your muscles almost anywhere.

Its lightweight and foldable, complete with carry handles and a cushion pocket make it easy to transport and storage.

Shiatsu massage:

Shiatsu is a form of body massage which was originally developed in Japan around 100 years ago. It is based on ideas anchored in traditional Chinese medicine, in particular the meridian system, i.e. the paths in the human body along which energy is conveyed.

The aim of any Shiatsu massage is to promote the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the person being treated. To do this, energy blocks and bottlenecks in the meridians need to be dissolved and the self- regulating ability of the body needs to be stimulated.Shiatsu therapists achieve this by exercising pressure in flowing movements along the meridians.

Although Shiatsu can be literally translated as finger pressure, practitioners also use the heels of their hands, their elbows and knees as well as their fingers. In the process, the therapist will use his or her full body weight in order to generate the required pressure.

Beurer Shiatsu Massage Mat MG230 Features
  • Powerful shiatsu massage
  • Spot massage
  • Soothing rolling massage
  • A relaxing lay down massage with 4 rotating shiatsu massage heads
  • For soothing back massage
  • Selectable temperature function
  • Massage regions selectable
  • Practical carrying handles
  • Foldable, easy to store
  • Spot massage
  • Removable and washable cover made of high quality velour
  • Can be used on all flat surfaces (e.g. floor, bed etc.)
  • Measurement: approx.182 x 56 x 20 cm
  • Closed: 91 x 56 x 10 cm
  • Weight: approx.7,2 kg

Why buy this product?

  • 4 Shiatsu massage heads that rotate or roll in pairs along the full length of your back
  • Comfortable lay down massage with heat function and individually selectable massage regions
  • Lightweight and foldable, complete with carry handles and cushion pocket for ease of storage
  • Machine washable, soft velour cover
  • Relaxing Shiatsu massage floor mat relaxes and unwinds tired and aching muscles