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Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter

Beurer PO 80 Pulse Oximeter

The Beurer PO80 pulse oximeter comes with an alarm function. The device is small and light which means it is perfect for use in the home or on the move.

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The Beurer PO80 measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse frequency) and comes with PC software for detailed display and evaluation.

Beurer pulse oximeters provide non-evasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse frequency). Oxygen saturation indicates the percentage of haemoglobin in the blood that is loaded with oxygen. Therefore, it is an important parameter for assessing the respiratory function.

To take a measurement, the pulse oximeter uses two rays of light with differing wavelengths, which strike the finger inserted inside the housing.

A low oxygen saturation value often indicates underlying illnesses (cardiac insufficiency, respiratory diseases, asthma, heart failure etc.)

Beurer PO80 features:
  • Simple and completely pain-free measurement
  • Small and light for use at home and on the move
  • Suitable for sports at high altitudes (e.g. mountaineering, skiing and aviation sports)
  • Alarm function - limit values can be individually set
  • Continuous recording of up to 24h
  • PC software for detailed display and evaluation
  • Can be charged by USB (integrated lithium-ion battery)
  • XL colour display with 4 available views
  • Adjustable display brightness in 3 settings
  • Optional pulse tone
  • Includes retaining strap and belt pouch
  • Particularly suitable for persons with: heart failure, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or sleep apnoea