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Beurer Neck Massager MG150 - Penetrating tapping massage

Beurer Neck Massager MG150 - Penetrating tapping massage

You can obtain soothing and effective massage on the nape of your neck for quick relief through targeted percussion massages.

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Neck and upper back pain can be a real inconvenience, especially if you suffer from chronic conditions that simply won't quit. While running out to find a massage therapist isn't always optimal or affordable, it is possible to get a daily neck massage without begging your friends or significant others to help you out. All you need is the Beurer MG150.

Massage has a relaxing as well as stimulating effect and is therefore used for relieving muscle tension, pain and fatigue. The Beurer neck massager offers a powerful, intensive massage for the neck and shoulder area. Pleasant deep penetrating tapping massage which relieves tension from within deeper layers of muscle. Easy to use with the controller on the product and your hands will be free, in order to let you relax completely.

The Beurer MG150 is shaped like a traditional neck pillow or cushion, in a horse shoe design created to fit snugly around your neck. This is where the similarities end, though. You have the option to choose from 6 different massage programs.

Beurer Neck Massager MG150 Features:
  • Soothing shoulder and neck massage
  • Deep-acting tapping massage
  • Relieves tension deep in the muscle
  • Targeted application for the hard-to-reach shoulder and neck area
  • Easy application with the operating element on the product
  • Multistage adjustable massage intensity
  • 6 massage programs
  • Practical handles
  • Hands-free application possible
  • Automatic switch off
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Rated output approx. 60w