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Beurer Tapping Massager MG55

Beurer Tapping Massager MG55

Infrared massagers from Beurer are advanced massagers that incorporate integrated infrared light, enabling you to perform soothing & relaxing massage or invigorating & stimulating massage.

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Beurer Infrared Massager MG55 is a powerful tap massager with incorporated infrared lamp that delivers intensive and powerful back and shoulder massage suitable for relaxing stiff or tense muscles, relief of aches and pains as well as reduction of fatigue and tension.

The intensity of the massage can be adjusted up and down as required. The build-in infrared lamp provides soothing warmth that contributes to muscle relaxation and tension relief.

Beurer Infrared Massager MG55 is simple to use. Just plug the infrared massager and switch on. Apply tapping massage to your muscles, adjusting intensity to suit your preference or need. The infrared lamp stays on continuously for the duration of the massage, adding warmth and soothing feeling. Infrared massager MG55 is perfect for soothingly warming back massage and relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Beurer Infrared Massager MG55 is the ideal solution to relax and relieve your muscles. Its ergonomic shape gives an excellent grip and aids easy access to the pain areas. The infrared heat combined with the massage delivers total relief of muscular pain and stiffness. The infrared heat penetrates deeply into the tissues, increasing blood circulation, warming the muscles and consolidating the effects of the tapping massage.

Beurer Infrared Massager MG55 Features:
  • Pleasant and soothing tapping massage
  • 3 exchangeable massage attachments with rotary fixation for a safe support
  • Integrated infrared lamp for warmth
  • Infinitely adjustable massage intensity
  • Non-slip handle
  • 20 watts power output
  • CE mark