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Beurer MG 100 Metal Pro-Line Infrared Massager with Tapping Massage

Beurer MG 100 Metal Pro-Line Infrared Massager with Tapping Massage

Professional quality massage at home. The Beurer Infrared Massager with Tapping Massage MG100 is designed for single or two handed use.

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Why we love it

The Beurer MG100 Infrared Massage with Tapping Massage with it's heated massage head helps to relax the muscles, increase circulation, and improve blood flow.

The tapping features will quickly and easily replace the aching and tired hands of your amateur

Why it works

This heavy duty massage device is very easy to use and will give you the effective and soothing results you've been dreaming about. You can use this tool to work your back, shoulders, or any other tense muscular body part. The powerful percussion feature will tense the deepest muscles and the non-slip handle will ensure you are always in control of your self-massage. Combine both the heat and the infrared technology and you'll experience a soothing and relaxing massage like no other.

It is also designed to be used by a second person to administer the massage due to size and weight.

What's in the box?
  • Infrared massager
  • 2 rubber grips
  • 2 interchangeable massage attachments
  • Please note: Due to a mains connection: AC 220 V - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz being required this product is not suitable for use outside UK/Europe.