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Beurer LB 88 Dual Tech Air Humidifier

Beurer LB 88 Dual Tech Air Humidifier

Monitor air humidity with the Beurer LB 88 Dual Tech Air Humidifier.

Humidifier therapy keeps the air moist, preventing dryness that can cause irritation.

This device offers you a quick and easy way to achieve the optimum humidity and warmth at home or in the office.

Simply fill up the water tank and connect up the vapouriser in three simple steps to get started.

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Naturally Clean Air

Higher aid humidity can reduce the risk of infections, reduce your heating bill and give you softer, more vibrant skin.

Adjust air humidity in a completely hygenic way with a vaporisation output of up to 550 ml/h.

Add one of the 15 aromapads to give your environment a soothing fragrance at the same time.


Ultrasonic Technology

The dual technology combines ultrasonic nebulizers with water vaporization within a streamlined device.

Powerful and sleek, this duo can provide a high humidity output while keeping the water vapours bacteria-free.

Adjust the evaporation output on the illuminated control ring to adapt to the room's natural habitat.

The removable water tank will automatically switch the device off when empty, and can be fitted with a filter for hard water areas.

This device is suitable for using in rooms measuring up to 48m2.

What's in the Box?
  • Dual Tech Air Humidifier
  • Water Tank
  • 15 Aroma Pads
  • 15 anti-lime Pads
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Mains power cable
  • Instructions manual

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Dimensions:29.5cm x 19.5cm x 28cm