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Beurer MG 70 Infrared Massager with Pulsing Massage

Beurer MG 70 Infrared Massager with Pulsing Massage

Infrared massagers from Beurer are advanced massagers that incorporate integrated infrared light, enabling you to perform soothing & relaxing massage or invigorating & stimulating massage.

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Why we love it

The Beurer infrared massager MG70 utilises infrared heat for a warming infrared heat treatment massage. It is perfect for firming, toning and relaxation with hot and/or cold massage.

Alternatively, you can switch the infrared heater to enjoy an invigorating cold massage.

Why it works

The Beurer infrared pulsing body massager MG70 has a long handle allowing you to reach all areas of your body. However, if you prefer a massager that is snugly strapped to the palm of your hand, you can remove the handle.The Beurer infrared pulsing massager can be used with or without the massage head and comes supplied with 2 massaging attachments to choose from. You can further vary the intensity of the massage as required by increasing or reducing the pressure applied to the massager during the massage session.

What's in the box?
  • Infrared massager
  • 2 massage head attachments
  • Removable handle
  • Hand loop with velcro fastener
  • 22 W power output