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Beurer FB 25 Massage Footbath with magnetic field therapy

Upgrade your pedicure

Beurer FB 25 Massage Footbath with magnetic field therapy

Upgrade your pedicure

  • Provides gentle vibration
  • Bubble therapy relieves tension
  • Revives tired feet
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Acupuncture nodes offer reflexology massage
  • Magnetic field therapy energises the cells

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Why we love it

Pamper yourself with the Beurer Massage Footbath. The integrated magnetic field therapy stimulates circulation, promotes cell regeneration, revitalises the feet and relaxes tense muscles.

Why it works

This device offers four different treatments:

Magnetic field therapy: the positive features of magnetic fields on the human body have been known for a long time. They are used in magnetic field therapy to increase the supply of energy to the cells.

Kneipp foot baths: alternating hot and cold baths are the foundation of Sebastian Kneipps health philosophy.

Foot reflex zone massage: foot reflex zone massage is a very popular massage technique, in which the entire body is believed to be influenced by treating the feet.

Foot bubble bath: the foot bubble bath is a simple and popular method for looking after your feet at home. Using a foot bubble bath, you yourself can actively do something good for your feet as often as you like.

What's in the box?
  • Foot bubble bath
  • 16 integrated magnets
  • Massage sole
  • Detachable massage roller for foot reflex zone massage

Find out more

Fill the foot bubble bath with warm or cold water up to the fill line (approx. 3 4 cm).
  • Ensure that the rotary switch is set to 0 before the unit is connected to the mains.
  • Make yourself comfortable in a chair and place your feet on the foot rest and apply slight pressure.
  • Never stand up in the foot bath.
  • The rubber feet on the base of the unit prevent it from sliding.
  • Set the desired function using the rotary switch. - Off (0) - Heat and Vibration massage (W + M) - Heat (W) - Heat with Bubble and vibration massage (A + W + M)

A heating element is fitted below the foot surface so that hot water can be kept hot for some time. However, this heating element is not suitable for heating cold water. To obtain an optimal effect a massage time of up to 30 minutes is recommended. After your foot massage, turn the switch to 0 and remove the plug from the mains socket. The drain holes allow the water to be removed.


After use rinse the unit with tap water. The foot bath can be cleaned with a mild, non-foaming house- hold cleaner, e.g. neutral vinegar.

To dry the air lines, switch to the bubble setting without water for approx. 1 minute.