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Beurer BF 750 Premium Body Analyser Scales

Beurer BF 750 Premium Body Analyser Scales

The Beurer BF750 glass scale is moisture resistant, so its perfect for hopping on after your morning shower or bath.

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The BF750 Glass Diagnostic Scale measures weight, calorie consumption and Basal Metabolic Rate, so its the perfect set of scales for fitness fans. The 10 user memory and five activity levels ensure you are supported throughout your fitness journey, making charting your progress simple.

The scale has an ITO surface finish, instead of stainless steel electrodes. ITO, also known as Indium Tin Oxide, is a transparent conducting oxide that is ultra-thin but strong. The nature of the material means that the conductive element that measures body fat, body water, muscle percentage, and bone mass can be used across the whole product, rather than just in the two areas where you place your feet. The result is a flawless finish that will add a designer look to any bathroom.

Beurer BF750 Glass Diagnostic Scale features:
  • Blue LCD display with white display illumination
  • Weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, calorie consumption, AMR / BMR
  • Interpretation of body fat in finest segmentation
  • Modern sensor buttons
  • 5 activity levels
  • 10 user memories
  • Switchover from kg/lb/st
  • Switch-on-technology with vibration sensor (vibration-on)
  • Weight capacity: 150kg
  • 100g/0.1% graduation