Back Nodger - Nodge Your Knots!


Back Nodger - Nodge Your Knots!

"The £30 stick that pledges to save you a FORTUNE on
the massage table... and cure your agonising back pain"

The Daily Mail

The Back Nodger is an easy to use deep tissue self-massager that instantly releases tense knots in all the places you cant get to with your own hands. It is endorsed by clinical lecturers, top back pain experts and used by physiotherapists in some of Londons leading clinics.

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The Back Nodger self massager works by helping you to apply precise deep pressure into tense trigger-points (muscle knots) in your own shoulders, neck or back to loosen them on the go, in much the same way youd expect from a masseurs hand.

Warning: Nodging your knots can quickly become addictive!

The Daily Mail FEMAIL team can't get enough of the crooked contraption, and the 'Nodg-imonials' read pretty impressively, too:

Mother-of-three Alice says: 'Thank You Back Nodger. This is the best product I've bought in years. My husband is happy too as he says I don't ask to be massaged as much now.'

Office manager Camila adds: 'I have my Back Nodger with me all day at work in my handbag. I have never had so many visitors at my desk wanting to try it out. It sounds dodgy, but it works a treat.


  • Deep tissue & muscle therapy to relieve muscle tightness, knots, tension and stiffness
  • Release trigger-points
  • 2 Nodge Head Massage Points to reach knots right across the body
  • Reinforced steel handle tested to 75Kg direct pressure
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Foam Handle for more control

    Expert Testimonials:

    "I am so impressed with this equipment I have been recommending it to my clients to help alleviate any aches or pains to come following our sessions. I also use it in between sessions to iron out knots"

    Neil Johnson
    Senior Personal Trainer, Chelsea FC:

    "I love the BackNodger. It really works and is so easy to use to release all the knots we get from doing everyday activities like sitting at a desk, looking after children or doing exercise"
    Paula Coates
    Physio, Clinical Lecturer & Back Specialist:
    Author: "Exercise Your Way To Health" & "Running Repairs" & Clinical Lecturer, Kings College London

    "We recommend the Back Nodger to all our patients. It's fantastic for keeping backs free from everyday stresses and tensions in-between treatments"
    Dr Michael Durtnall
    Founder, Sayer Clinics: Londons leading neck & back pain experts

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    Six Simple Steps to Nodging

    1. Hold the non-slip handle of the Back Nodger with 2 hands.One hand above the other

    2. Position the Back Nodger red Locator Spot on a knot (feels like a tender area within muscles)

    3. Relax your shoulders and inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale & relax your arms completely

    4. Apply targeted pressure deep into the knot by pushing the handle away from you

    5. Stay relaxed and accept the pressure for one breath in and out

    6. Move the Back Nodger head to a different spot within the same knot or to a new knot.